The Numerical Simulation Platform

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The software on NUBERISIM

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Sound wave

Flow-Induced Acoustics

Aero- and Hydro-Acosutics

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Technical Consulting Picture extract source: Courtesy of Sarah Dehm, Hochschule Karlsruhe

Technical Consulting

Fluid Flow Analysis, Technical Consulting, Engineering

+ Research and analysis on custom flow issues

+ Concept elaboration on flow improvements

+ Device development

+ Simulation services

+ Collaboration with specialists from our network

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Features of NUBERISIM:

+ CFD and Acoustical Simulation as a Service

+ Accessing Cloud infrastructure for parallelized high performance computing

+ Alternatively access to public quotas of public compute centers possible

+ Consequently use always modern hardware

+ Pay per use

+ Use of KIT software for CFD and integrated flow-induced acoustics

+ Use of KIT software with tailored models for your application

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Screenshot NUBERISIM 2

Fluid fluctuations Sound fluctuations

Software from KIT

Features of the Software

+ Based on the core code of the Institute of Fluid Machinery at the KIT

+ Fully compressible CFD

+ Incompressible CFD module

+ Steady and transient simulations

+ All variants of turbulence modelling (algebraic, one- or two-equation models)

+ Large Eddy Simulation to Direct Numerical Simulation

+ Direct Numerical Simulation

+ Several interfaces for grid generation and data visualisation available

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Flow-Induced Acoustics

Features of the Acoustic Coupling

+ Based on the core code of the Institute of Fluid Machinery at the KIT

+ Direct coupling to unsteady CFD simulations

+ Integral acoustical post-processing (surface and volume sources)

+ Field-wise coupling: source determination and wave propagation simulations

+ Determination of sound levels and spectra

+ Interface for FSI coupling available

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Location related sound Fourier trafo